Snow Removal

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Snow Removal
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Worry Free Lawn Care & Snow Plowing offers “worry-free” snow removal in Minneapolis MN, in addition to our fine lawn care skills. We know that when the Twin Cities snow starts falling, the last thing you want to do is worry about whether or not you’re going to be able to get out of your driveway in the morning, or clear the parking lot for your customers or tenants. We don’t want you to have to worry about lifting a single shovel of snow this winter, so here’s what’s included in the best snow removal service Minneapolis has to offer.

Commercial and Residential Driveway and Walkway Clearing

When you hire Worry Snow Removal Services, the first thing that we will do is to make sure that all of your walkways, driveway, and sidewalks are clear of snow. Depending on the amount of snow and the amount of space we need to cover, we will use shovels and/or a snow blower to make sure that nothing is left on those areas but the pavement for your customers, employees, and/or tenants to walk on safely. Part of this service is making sure that the snow is distributed evenly across your property so that we’re not leaving unsightly piles of snow.

Then, as a knowledgeable and experienced Minneapolis snow removal company, we take care of the parking lot if you’re a commercial facility, like a business, factory, office building, or apartment. Snow will be cleared of parking spots and entry ways – cleanly and clearly. Our trusty snow plowing team takes care of it all. Of course, we consider how your customers, employees, or tenants will be approaching the buildings, and make sure that there aren’t any obstacles. No one likes climbing through snow in Winter. We take care of it for you, worry free.

And of course if you’re a residence, we need to clear your driveway and all walkways. Let us handle the snow this season so you don’t have to, so you can stay safe, warm, and knowing that the snow removal services are handled.

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Snow Removal Service Minneapolis


Once the snow is gone, it’s important that something is put down to prevent ice from forming as the sun warms up the remaining bits of snow just enough to melt it and then freeze it solid. For your safety, we add generous amounts of a deicing product so that you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling on the way out to your car or into your home.

Icicle Removal

Snow and icicles that build up on the roof of your home can be hazardous, so let us take care of it for you and prevent any problems that can occur when icicles fall from your roofs. Icicles can also cause damage to gutters and your roofing materials if allowed to stay, so be sure to give us a call to remove the icicles for you before you end up having to replace your gutters.

How our Snow Removal Services Work

  • Worry Free will be responsible for the removal of snow accumulations that are one to five inches in depth within twenty-four (24) hours of the snowfall event’s end.
  • Worry Free will be responsible for the snow removal of accumulations in excess of five inches in depth within twenty-four (24) hours when possible, but in no event later than forty-eight (48) hours of the snowfall event’s end, and is subject to an additional fee as specified in our agreement.
  • Snowfall accumulations will be cleared from all public sidewalks, walkways to front and back doors, stairs, and driveways. Requests by homeowner to clear additional areas must be agreed to by Worry Free prior to the signing of our agreement and may result in an additional charge.
  • This monthly fee covers 20 Calls per winter. Additional Service Calls will be charged at our contracted rate Per Time
  • We do not do snow removal on Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year's Day. Service will be the next day.


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