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Here are the main Snow Removal and Lawn Maintenance services we offer

Minneapolis Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care Service

Lawn Mowing / Lawn Care Services

Whether you want lawn mowing service done on a weekly or biweekly basis, we will make sure that our lawn care service keeps your yard in good shape and that it’s the look and length that you want.

Walkway and Garden Edging Service Minneapolis

Walkway and Garden Edging

There’s nothing that makes your yard look better than the rest more than a perfectly straight edge along the sidewalks and walkways, so let us manicure your lawn and we’ll get it dressed to impress.

Minneapolis Snow Service Removal

Snow Removal

We’ll make sure your home or commercial property’s walkways, driveways, and sidewalks are cleared of snow for safety and convenience. Whether it’s snow plowing or snow blowing, we’ll get it done quickly and efficiently on a snow removal service that’s right for you.

Minneapolis Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring and Fall Cleanup

These can be pretty time consuming jobs, and who likes raking for hours? That’s why we recommend letting us take the hassle away, and make sure that your yard is ready to grow in the Spring, and sleep in the Fall.

Dethatching Minneapolis


Dethatching is vital for the health of your lawn. Our lawn care experts will make sure your lawn’s roots are protected the right way so you can have a greener and more luscious lawn this season.

Garden Maintenance and Planting Service Minneapolis

Garden Maintenance / Planting

We don’t just take care of lawns and landscaping. We can also help you prepare your garden space, plant vegetables and flowers, and maintain your garden.

Hedge Trimming Minneapolis

Hedge Trimming

If keeping your hedges trimmed and healthy feels like too much work for your precious weekend hours, let us keep your hedges at a good length and shape all summer long.

Minneapolis Yard Trimming and Blowing Service

Yard Trimming and Blowing

These services will ensure that the parts of your lawn which the mower can’t reach are taken care of (like under bushes and lawn ornaments), and that no grass clippings will be left on your walkways.

Mulching Service Minneapolis


In landscaping and garden areas, mulching is important for both the plants and the overall appearance, so let us know where you want us to mulch and we’ll make sure it gets done for you.

Lawn Aeration Service Minneapolis

Lawn Aeration

Yard aeration (aka core aeration) is an often- overlooked service that is extremely important for your lawn’s health, so make sure that you give us a call to aerate your lawn and make sure it’s getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs.



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